Grandparent Redemption, Day 1

Spent the week with the grandkids so the parental units could take a vacation. Dave kept a log…






3 responses to “Grandparent Redemption, Day 1”

  1. shelleykrick Avatar

    LOL Dave! What’s with the bandage on the nose. Did you already get hit in the nose? I’m assuming it is the children of Josh and Melinda. Those little ones can be quite the handul.

    1. Claudette Wood Avatar

      He had basal cell carcinoma cut out of his nose. These are their kiddies, and they kept us hopping. It’s as it should be.

      1. shelleykrick Avatar

        So sorry that Dave had to have cells cut out of his nose. My Mother has had several cut out on her face. Not a pleasant visit to the dermatologist.

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