Dave’s mom moved into a new home. She’s almost 80 and this hasn’t been easy for her. One thing she did in this move is downsize, and she gave several pieces of furniture to Dave and me. This is a good thing for us, because 8 years of little boys in our home have pretty


Phil is the middle grandson. He is a little sweetie, most of the time. When I picked the boys up for church this week, Phil said he wanted to come and live at my house. It seems that one of his favorite toys had gotten broken and he was mad at the person who broke


The weekend is here. Dave and I have decided to try and spend one-on-one time with the grandsons, rather than have them all here at once. We are at the age that all of them at once is a bit overwhelming–the noise level and the activity level are off the charts! So tonight Nate is

Happy New Year!

Another quiet day at the Wood household. Dave and I slept until around 9 this morning, which is VERY late for me. We picked up number 1 grandson, Nate, and took him to his favorite place to eat (K&W–can you believe that?). While there, I noticed a little twinge in my “gut”. Having had three