My Grandsons Said….


The boys ate lunch with us a couple weeks ago. Halfway through his plate, Nate said he was done with his food and full. Not many minutes later, he asked for ice cream. \”I thought you said you were full?\” I questioned him. \”That was the good food part of me,\” he said. \”The dessert part is still hungry.\” !!

And then Sunday morning on the way to church, Phil asked me why my hair was short. (he already knows what he likes, i guess). \”I like my hair short,\” I told him. \”Well, you need to get a wig, so your hair will be long like mama\’s hair.\” His mama got a good laugh out of that one.

A.J. is a darling, but he throws fits…fairly regularly, actually. In the nursery Sunday, he got upset and threw his hands over his face and fell to the floor. The nursery was full, so everyone in there had been assigned a kid to watch. A young teenage fella, Jake, was assigned to A.J. (God bless him!). When A.J. hit the floor, Jake said, \”Get up off that floor and stop acting like a girl!\” A.J. immediately stood up and angrily said to Jake, \”I\’m not a girl; I\’m a big boy!\”






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