Happy New Year!

Another quiet day at the Wood household. Dave and I slept until around 9 this morning, which is VERY late for me. We picked up number 1 grandson, Nate, and took him to his favorite place to eat (K&W–can you believe that?). While there, I noticed a little twinge in my \”gut\”. Having had three sick grandsons and one sick daughter since Friday last week, I got a bit worried, especially when all of a sudden the blood drained from my head and into my stomach and began a mighty big churning. We decided we should get out of the restaurant with all due haste. After I stood up and walked a bit, the feeling went away, and I came home and lay down.

I\’ve been taking meds for an ear infection and wondered if maybe that wasn\’t some of the problem. It may be. But for now, I\’m just sitting as quietly as possible, hoping not to be sick.

Isn\’t it funny how we do that? We know we are going to be sick, we know we\’ll feel better after we are sick, but we fight it. I have in the past–and I may again tonight–sat in a chair all night refusing to move and willing myself not to be sick.

I have to go to work tomorrow. It\’s the first of the month, and we will have MEGA orders for product to be delivered. So I really need to feel better by morning.

Happy new year, everyone. May this be the year…..






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