Even though I started off the weekend feeling bad from a cold, I got a few things done today. Let’s see…. I cleaned the kitchen, washed a couple loads of clothes, straightened the dining room and living room, cleaned out a closet. All the time feeling like I was functioning inside a barrel. Ugh.

January 1, 2012

Good morning! Well, we made it safely through the night. I waited up for Jenni and the little boys to get home, and then we all turned in about 1:30am. It’s going to be a beautiful day today. Heading out to worship in a while and then home to a nice, quiet afternoon. At some point, I have to take down the Christmas decorations. Does anybody else groan over doing that? I really enjoy seeing them up each year, but taking them down is such a chore. A BIG shout-out must go to my precious daughter, Jenni, for getting our… Continue reading


The new year began with a time of fellowship and prayer with our church family. A sweet time. Driving back into our neighborhood, we were greeted with the sounds of gunfire. It’s our area’s version of fireworks. It scared our dog so bad he ran under the table and hid. The only way he would go out was for me to stand right beside him in the yard. I have to tell you, it was a teeny bit unnerving. And just seconds ago, the sounds were not only very loud, but very close. I honestly feel the urge to cut… Continue reading

Out of The Mouths…

This morning as we were preparing for church, Jenni was lying on the bed with Andre, and she had him all wrapped up in her arms. “I love this little boy so much,” she said. Without hesitation, Andre asked her, “If you love me so much, why don’t you come to church with me?” Guess who was in the pew with her family this morning?

Can’t Sleep

I just can’t sleep tonight. So much going on these days, you’d think I’d be exhausted. But what I do is start thinking about the next batch of things to get done and then I’m awake. Other things, too. Things I’ve told other family members not to dwell on and fret over, because the chances of some of the stuff happening is only 50/50 at best; yet here I sit, unable to sleep for the very same reason. I should learn to practice what I preach. Vacation Bible School this week, Sunday through Thursday. So I’m leaving work, heading over… Continue reading