Sunday, June 13, 2010

Today, Nate spent the day with me. A friend of Jenni\’s family was killed last night right in front of her boyfriend. It\’s been a sad, shock-filled day for them. I brought Nate home with me so we could clean out the pool and run the filter for a while, but it rained pretty hard, along with a good bit of thunder. So we just hung out and then went to church at 6. After church, we melted marshmallows over a candle and made s\’mores. Right now, it\’s nearly bed time. Nate is upstairs working on his latest business idea–he has a lot of those. I am watching The Fugitive.

It\’s back to work for me tomorrow after three days. And for this week, i am taking the evenings off. I\’m not going to go out for any reason; just hang around the house, turn my phone off at night, maybe do some stuff in the house. I\’m just going to do what I want to do.

Maybe I\’ll write some more, too. Sure need to catch up.






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  1. Judy McMillian Avatar

    So glad to hear you are going to try to take it easy for a few nights this week – We need you to take care of yourself cause we love, love, love you!

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