My No-Responsibility Week

I don\’t imagine that my life is any busier than yours. Probably, we all manage to fill our lives with more activity than we need or want. A couple of months ago, I went 11 straight days with scheduled activities every night after work. I was not in my home any of those evenings for any longer than it took to shower and get in the bed so I could start all over the next day. Needless to say, I was a little tired at the end of those days.

My husband–my sweet, sweet husband–suggested that I take a week where I did absolutely nothing after work–no trips across town to pay bills for my mama, no grandsons spending the night, not even go to church if I didn\’t want to go. That take-the-week-off idea appealed greatly to me! Now, what week to take? It seemed every week after that 11-day stretch had some previously scheduled event, so finding the unscheduled week was not that easy.

But the week did come–and this is it! So here\’s how I\’m doing it…. Every afternoon when I leave work, I turn off my phone–no texting and no talking on the phone. I had planned to sit around and do nothing at all, but I just can\’t do that. I do have eyes, and I can see stuff that needs doing. Sitting around and staring at the work that needed to be done would not have been restful at all. SO, I\’m doing one thing a night.

Last night I cleaned out my china cabinet. I am amazed at how much I had managed to cram into that cabinet and hutch over the last nine years! I ended up with FIVE boxes full of dishes that I took into the basement for storing, and I still managed to refill the cabinet. Only now I don\’t worry about something falling out on my feet when I open the doors.

Tonight I cleaned up my study so that I can actually sit at my desk and study without having to shift stacks out of the way to find a workspace.

Tomorrow night my project will be to get the kids to church. I hadn\’t planned to go to church, but I have a real problem with not being in church when I am able, so I\’ll go. Plus, the kids are learning Bible verses and have contests each week to share how many verses they have learned. If I don\’t pick them up–all NINE of them–they might not get there. I want them to feel the importance of learning all they can about the Bible and getting to church as often as they are able to do so.

Thursday and Friday, who knows? Maybe I will just take one or both of those nights and do nothing. That might work–if I sit around with a blindfold over my eyes!






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