Sunday, June 13, 2010

Today, Nate spent the day with me. A friend of Jenni’s family was killed last night right in front of her boyfriend. It’s been a sad, shock-filled day for them. I brought Nate home with me so we could clean out the pool and run the filter for a while, but it rained pretty hard, along with a good bit of thunder. So we just hung out and then went to church at 6. After church, we melted marshmallows over a candle and made s’mores. Right now, it’s nearly bed time. Nate is upstairs working on his latest business idea–he… Continue reading

Tomorrow Got Here,

and it’s going to be a beautiful day. Part of my problem, I admit, is that I haven’t been as faithful in my Bible study lately, and that made such a difference in my outlook on life. I truly do need to study the Word daily in order to keep my life in balance/perspective. It’s not about me, y’all. It IS about HIM. Studying the Bible reinforces that for me and sets my life back in order. It’s going to be a lovely day.

And Now the End is Here

So, last Wednesday night was my last night as the youth director at our church. I had been at it for five years, and at my age, five years represents quite a change in the physical aspects of keeping up with a bunch of teens. I’ve been to camp with them four times; jumped up and down with them at several hundred concerts (and spent one year with a bulging disc as a result!); shown approximately 5000 movies; bought $100,000 worth of snack foods; driven hundreds of miles to different events; etc…… I’ve prayed with them as they made decisions… Continue reading

Catching Up

Well, VBS went well, but we didn’t have any major decisions made during that week. Of course, who knows what seeds were planted in those precious little minds. Time and eternity will tell, as they say. By the way, who is “they” anyhow? Does anybody really know? And why do “they” get all the credit for stuff? Is that fair? Saturday I had the youth group over for supper and a movie at the house. I fixed spaghetti, and the guys seemed to like it pretty well. Took us about 10 minutes to figure out what movie to watch. Ended… Continue reading