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Mother\’s Day

I\’m glad Mother\’s Day is past. It\’s not that my children don\’t love me or anything, but I think expectations can be so high about what might happen, and then what doesn\’t happen… I don\’t know–the hype is just too much. It was a weird day for me. I\’m glad it\’s over. That\’s all.






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  1. Paula Titus Avatar

    I know exactly what you mean about Mother’s Day. I always end up planning everything and doing all the work resulting in me feeling sorry for myself, so this year we ordered pizza and ate on paper plates. As for my daughter, I’m not sure she’ll ever grasp how much I love her – and there’s that little part of me that wants her to love me in the same way and with the same passion. I don’t know. She’s just a teen, so maybe I’m being overly dramatic but I’m not sure our kids ever love us the way we love them.

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