Friends Are Friends Forever (or Should Be)

\"\"A couple of weeks ago, after connecting with each other other on Facebook, I got together with four other of my classmates from the class of \’72 (North Davidson High School). We spent a fun couple of hours catching up with each other and had a really great time.

This event worked right in conjunction with one of my great desires these days–to reconnect with PEOPLE. I had made a list of things I\’d like to accomplish before I get too old to do anything–write, visit Costa Rica, travel with my husband, etc. But most important to me, on a human level, is to renew or maintain my friendships.

So, what better place to start catching up than folks with whom I spent the majority of my youth? I\’m hoping we can make a tradition of the gatherings and that the numbers will grow as we continue to meet.

Why do we have to get older to really recognize what\’s most important to us? I\’m glad I\’m finally at a place in my life where I can not only recognize it, but can also do something abo\"\"ut it.

My best friend is Vicky. We\’ve known each other since the age of eight. We always pick up our conversation right where we left off.






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  1. Paula Titus Avatar

    “Why do we have to get older to really recognize what’s most important to us?” Great question. We were made for relationships, I’m glad you’re reconnecting with some old friends and I’m sure you wont be disappointed.

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