My son asked me what I had done last weekend that made it such a good one. I told him I\’d done what I wanted to do. He laughed at this, because he knows that is a new thing for me. My weekends used to be full of grandchildren living in the house. Understand that I love my grandchildren with every ounce of my being, but when they lived with us, it was always noisy, it was mostly always messy, and hubby and I had very little privacy. It was different than how we had planned our lives, for sure.

When our daughter and grandsons moved out last year, it was difficult at first. We have always felt a great responsibility to the boys, and loud or not, we missed them. Then they would come over for a while and we couldn\’t remember why we had missed them so badly (!). Quiet is such an underrated thing!

Last Saturday, before my husband even got out of the bed, I had the bathroom clean, the kitchen clean and swept, the dining room table cleared of the week\’s mail, a load of clothes washed and dried, and his breakfast cooked. I loved it! I did a few other things around the house and then I quit for the day. I did what I wanted to do.

Later, when hubby returned from the church office, we went out shopping and to dinner. And we were back in our house and settled into our cozy chairs for the evening by 6:30pm!

Not every weekend is like that. Some weekends I have church responsibilities. Every other weekend or so, one of the boys spends the night with us. Some Saturdays I go shopping or to visit my mother. Now the weekends are at my pace, relaxed, quiet for the most part, and peaceful. Because I work outside the home five days a week, you can see why this is important to me.

I love weekends.






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  1. Paula Titus Avatar

    Good for you! Someday I’ll get a weekend like that. 🙂 Although I wonder if I’d know what to do with myself. Wait a minute- you “loved” doing all of those chores? You may be part of my OCD club. Great post!

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