Journal Entry – May 24, 2006

Life comes at you fast sometimes. Just yesterday we lost two church members. They had both been ill for some time.

The lady who died, Lois, was very active in the nursery ministry at church. When we first started attending the church, she was in the nursery every Sunday. Our grandson Nate loved her. About two years ago, she began experiencing some heart problems, and from there her health just deteriorated. She had a stroke a couple of weeks ago, and yesterday she went HOME. Face to face with the Savior. What an occasion!

Same with the man who died. His name was Ken. When we met Ken, we found a quiet, gentle, compassionate man. He loved the Lord with all his heart. He cried for the lost. He prayed for their souls. Ken and Dave became good friends and prayer warriors over the last five years. He was totally evangelistic in his approach to life. In November, he was given about six weeks to live, at best. But he fought to live at least through his 50th wedding anniversary, which was in February. He was able to witness his granddaughter get married, as well as one of his sons. He always kept a positive attitude and never forgot to witness about His Savior. Yesterday, he went to sleep for a nap, and he just never woke up. Well, he did wake up, but when he did, he was in a new body. No more pain for this dear man. And he was also face-to-face with the Savior he loved so dearly on the earth. I\’d have liked to have been there for that reunion.

My precious husband, their pastor, will be doing two funerals this week. Ken\’s funeral will be especially tough on him, because they were good friends. But it will give him an opportunity to echo Ken\’s words once more to Ken\’s family as they gather for their final goodbyes. That\’s exactly what Ken wanted, and that\’s exactly what Dave will do.

I wrote a poem once that went like this:
Someday my life will be no more
And I wonder…
Will anyone knock at my door
to mourn my passing?

Even more than that, will they have anything to remember about me that\’s eternal? Did I do my best for the Lord? Did I witness when I had the chances to do so? Was I a wise counsellor? Was God given the glory because of the witness I left? These are important questions for me. My ultimate goal in life is to glorify God with all I do. May I not let Him be put to shame because of me.

I can tell you that He was glorified by the two lives who met Him face to face yesterday. If the sky looks brighter today, it\’s because of the glow off the crowns they received from their Master.






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