Life…Under Construction

i have six followers! how cool is that? pretty soon, i can begin my own kingdom. *wink, wink*

well, actually, i have five followers. one of those is me, for some reason. i have to remove that. don\’t want to \”fudge\” the numbers. i think my son ought to follow me, don\’t y\’all?

just trying to get some humor in the day before i head off to work. we are getting so slow there that i\’ve removed anything personal from my computer there just in case i get the \”you have 20 minutes to clean out your desk\” speech.

i make t-shirts for old-er ladies. my newest one is going to be: \”I\’m wearing a bra on Saturday. Can this day get any worse?\” You guys may not get that, but we girls understand, don\’t we?

okay, enough of this silliness. off i go! have a wonderful day, dear friends.






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  1. David Wagner Avatar

    Josh should definitely follow your blog! I wish he’d follow mine, too, but that’s another issue… :PHope your week is a great one!

  2. Paula Titus Avatar

    Yeah – I think Josh should follow ALL of our blogs. Can’t you whip him into submission?

  3. Claudette Avatar

    i’m trying! he is his own man. i think he’s finally following mine so i’ll stop nagging him. :o)

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