Fluttering Wings and the Milky Way

A couple weeks ago, between my old job and my new job, hubby and I spent a couple nights at the mountain home of some friends. It was also the last weekend of Dave\’s five-week sabbatical from the church, and we consider it to have been the perfect way to end his time off.

When we arrived on Thursday afternoon, we spent a while with our friends and then they left to go back to their home in town. The first thing hubby and I did was sit on the porch. The weather was perfect, and the sky was the most beautiful blue. We could see for miles from the front and the back porches.

It was so quiet. Not in an eery way, but a comfortable silence. Unwilling to break that silence, we sat without conversation watching the birds at the birdfeeder and looking at the mountains. At one point we looked at each other with a sort of awe on our faces. It was so quiet as we sat that we could actually hear the flutter of the birds wings as they flew from tree to tree and tree to feeder. The sound was a rich, almost comforting flutter–sort of like when you fluff a sheet as you put it on your bed. I\’ve watched birds for a couple years now, and I can\’t say that I ever heard them before.

I enjoyed the porch a few more minutes and then I went inside and took a long nap on the couch. When I awoke, it was getting dark outside. Hubby and I went down the road to get some supper and then headed back to the house.

In the mountains–at least on this night–the sky is absolutely stunning. The air seems cleaner, the sky appears clearer, and the stars really show themselves off. Dave stepped outside to look at the sky and a few seconds later called me to join him. Pointing straight overhead, he pointed out the Milky Way. It was perfectly clear! And it was just beautiful. We stood outside a few more minutes, admiring the handiwork of God, Dave pointing out other star patterns, until it got too cold.

It was so quiet up there, it was almost worshipful. It was also very restful. We slept well those two nights.

For the blessing of that weekend, we are grateful–to our dear friends who shared their home with us and for the reminder from God of the beauty He created just for us to enjoy. God has richly blessed us.






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