The Journey So Far (The Cancer Journals)

So, Dave spent a week in Knoxville being poked and prodded with pretreatment procedures. They weren\’t all fun, but they are necessary to be able to begin his treatment in the next few weeks.







4 responses to “The Journey So Far (The Cancer Journals)”

  1. Debbie Stairs Avatar
    Debbie Stairs

    Praying daily for you both❤️He is able……..

    1. Claudette Wood Avatar

      Thank you, Debbie. We appreciate the prayers. Love you.

  2. Shelley Krick Avatar

    You both look well. I see Claudie’s glow. Dave you look amazing. Dave that sounds painful about the markers. Thanks for sharing this, not as good as grandparent redemption, that was great. I’ve been praying for y’all every night and praying even if I am thinking about you.

    1. Claudette Wood Avatar

      Thanks, Shell. We appreciate and love you.

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