Things My Son Says

I love my son. He\’s just a special guy, extremely intelligent, and loves God with all his heart. In my opinion, he and my husband are two of the smartest guys I have ever known. Josh is involved in a theology discussion board. He freely shares his beliefs, quite often the only person with his particular beliefs. Well, except me and maybe one other person. But he is faithful to his understanding of God\’s Word.

Here are just a few comments he has made:

\”…don\’t become bitter. Somedays you find the edge of bitter and peek over. Just don\’t fall.\”

\”If you have any affection for who you were before Christ, I\’m not sure you can compellingly argue that you\’ve met Christ.\”

\”God is not interested in being our equal partner. He\’s interested in being our Lord, and having complete reign in our lives.\”

\”We are not called the be well-rounded humans. We are called to be radical, ridiculous Christians.\”

\”Not forgiving is entirely selfish. We are saying to God and someone else that we deserve better and we will punish anyone who trespasses against us.\”

\”Be a Christian. Let your life for Christ define the words – rather than the mistakes or shortcomings of others. Don\’t let the culture tell you what a Christian is and then run from that. Say to them, \’No, this is what a Christian is,\’ and then \’Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.\’\” (Matthew 5:16 KJV)

\”Pretty important [to God] does not necessarily equal \”central\” or most important. As long as we think we are the center of God\’s universe, we will never grasp what it is to have God at the pinnacle of our lives. We are to value what God values. If God values us most, then we are to value us most…………. get it? If God values God most, and we value what God values, then we will value God most.\”

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  1. Brandi H. Roberts Avatar

    I miss you. How’ve you been?

  2. nightsend Avatar

    One thing I can say for your son … he does indeed say what most are afraid to even think. Thank God for him!

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