Winter Haven by Athol Dickson…mysterious little town

For years Vera Gamble carried the guilt of having let her autistic brother walk away from their home, never to be heard from again. Then, 13 years after Siggy disappeared, Vera received a phone call that changed her life forever. Siggy\’s body had been found. In just a matter of days, Vera left the comfort of logical numbers in her CPA world and entered the little town of Winter Haven to identify and claim her brother\’s body. Her discovery that Siggy appeared to be the same age as the day he had left home 13 years earlier set off an investigation into the mystery and unleashed a few of the strangest days of Vera\’s life.

Winter Haven proved to be an odd little town, and Vera became the focus of some scary and strange occurrences. When it all was finally resolved, Vera was jaded towards Winter Haven and its occupants. It took a very moving event to break through the anger and disillusionment she experienced to change her mind about Winter Haven and about a certain man who lived there.

As I read, I kept experiencing little niggling flashes of insight, but found the answer to the mystery stashed safely away from me. Athol\’s writing is so beautifully done that even though I thought I might be getting glimpses of the answers, I was still happily surprised by the twists and turns of the plot.

I liked the strength and persistence of Vera. I was very glad for the decisions she finally made for herself and her brother. A good read; not too heavy or dark and just the right amount of \”chill\” to the plot.






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