The Big 4-1!

For 41 years — nearly two-thirds of our lives — Dave and I have been married. When we began our marriage in our early 20\’s, we made some important decisions:  \"\"

1) God would always be the head of our marriage, and the center, as well;
2) the word \”commitment\” would be real in our lives and would trump all other words that might fight to tear up apart;
3) we would say \”I love you\” every day, and begin and end each day with a kiss. Some days that was not as easy as others, because we had days when we weren\’t \”feeling\” it. Thank God that love doesn\’t require that we always \”feel\” it, but that our decision to love and honor each other has remained strong through it all. As marriages go, I\’d say ours is very, very good and strong.

Happy anniversary, my God-honoring, handsome, honest, fine man. I\’d do it all over again, as long as you are with me.







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