This Crazy World…

Y\’all it\’s only 11:30. So far today…

\"\"I sat in my car as my grandson ran into the store to make a purchase. Sitting in the car beside of me were two teens with masks on. As I watched, their father came out of the store without a mask and hands his daughter the grocery bag. He then takes a gallon container of Purell Hand Sanitizer out of his car and proceeds to wash in that stuff from the elbows to the finger tips, places the bottle back in the car (the door he opened before he sanitized his hands), gets in his car and PUTS A MASK ON before driving away. (You can\’t make this stuff up…)

As I was returning from K\’ville after dropping off my grandson, I traveled behind a car approaching a red light at an intersection. I was frozen in fear as I watched this individual drive straight through that light without ever tapping their brakes or slowing down even a little bit. Just drove straight through. Thank God no cars were in the intersection.

\"\"Do you see the chair at the end of the steps? I let Gracie out to do her doggie thing, and when she saw the chair, she did an about face and ran into the house and hid under the table. Now, she won\’t even go near the back door.

I don\’t even know what to think anymore. World has gone crazy.







3 responses to “This Crazy World…”

  1. shelleykrick Avatar

    It sure is a crazy world. Something that I thought I would never see happen, but then I didn’t think there would be something like what happened on 9/11 either. On that day the whole country came together. It is sad to see people acting out with hate in their hearts. I don’t use the word hate, what an awful word it is. I can understand the peaceful protests but I don’t understand and never have looting and rioting and harming people. I am blessed by the grace of God through faith I am no longer of this world. But then, I am a person that sees the good in people until they show me otherwise. My family especially my Grandparents and my real Father taught me to hate people that had a different color. Luckily, that never stuck with me. After all, we are all related through the DNA of Noah and his family.

  2. oldinspector Avatar

    The craziness is on so many fronts. The lack of logic, the violence, the insane suggestions about what to change to make the world better for certain classes of people – all pile up to be quite disturbing and scary. And plain stupid. At best our country faces monumental problems such as economic stability into the distant future (i.e. debt) even with out the current craziness. The only counter to these emotions is faith in God, reliance on Him and the Word, and worship.

    1. Claudette Wood Avatar

      You are absolutely correct, my friend.

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