A Matter of Life and Death

\”As long as believers feel the way most of us feel about death, we aren\’t going to be able to live the way we are supposed to live. \” Pastor Emeritus Dave Wood (the hubster) shares an important message. (*click on post title to view video*)






2 responses to “A Matter of Life and Death”

  1. stephen bryant Avatar
    stephen bryant

    One of the best messages I have heard on death. David was real and spoke of how we can overcome the fear of death through knowing God’s truth in Christ .

  2. shelleykrick Avatar

    Yes it was a great message Stephen. I sent comments to Dave through pm about it. I know you don’t know me very well. but I am one of those fearless people that fear for other people more than myself. I am also not a materialistic person. He did make comments about Tim, and I told Dave that Tim is well remembered not only by my family but other people’s lives he touched when he lived with me in Florida. Tim did buy me a cross and a ring that I wear to this day. I will always remember Tim and he is always in my heart. Tim did have a lot of Faith that he and I talked about often. But through Judy’s kindness I was able to visit him in November 2018. What a transformation in him that I had never seen and I am very blessed that he really came to know Jesus and pray that I will see him again in heaven!

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